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Adoption Process

Adoption Process

You are about to make a very important decision. Owning a pet means providing essentials such as a balanced diet, litter, licensing, socialization and vaccinations. Remember, providing a home and care for a pet is a lifetime commitment.

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The adoption process at Quinte Humane Society consists of 4 steps:

Step 1: Adoption Questionnaire

When you have found an animal you are interested in adopting, you will be asked to complete an application questionnaire. The application entails questions about your family’s situation, lifestyle and expectations as well as specific questions about the care needs of the species you intend to adopt, such as diet, housing, enrichment and socialization, training and veterinary care. This questionnaire helps our staff see if your lifestyle and expectations are a good match with the individual animal and what aspects of care or behavior we should provide additional education about.

Cat Adoption Form                    Dog Adoption Form

Step 2: Conversation

Once we have read through the application, an adoption counselor will have a conversation with the potential adopter to find out more information about them and what they are looking for. We will also provide advice about care and behavior training at this time, as well as additional information about the animal they are interested in. This conversation is a good opportunity for us to get a sense of whether the animal is a good match for the potential adopter and to ensure that both the adopter and animal will be happy together. 

Step 3: Meet and Greet

If the adoption counselor feels that you are a good match for the animal, we will introduce you to the animal. Dogs can be taken for walks in order to allow the potential adopter to see how they are on a leash and for the adoption counselor to observe the potential adopter’s handling of the dog. The meet and greet will involve all members of the potential adopter’s household, as well as any currently owned dogs if applying for a second dog. It is important that everyone in the household is a good match for the animal, as well as any current animals living in the home, to ensure that the adoption goes as smoothly as possible for everyone. 

Step 4: Finalizing the Adoption

If everything goes well at the meet and greet and both you and the adoption counselor feel that the animal is a good match for your home, we will finalize the adoption.

Adoption Fees

 Type  Routine Senior Citizen (Adopter)* Special Needs Animal
Dogs  $400 Ask about our program Ask staff about our special adoption fee
Puppies $400 - $500    
Cats $180 Ask about our program Ask staff about our special adoption fee
Kittens $180 - $200 **    
Small Domestic
- Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, etc.
- Rats

$10.00 +

*Please note: Senior dogs are 8 years +, senior cats are 6 years +

** Any kitten that is under the age of 6 months the adoption fee is $200