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Dog Walking

Dog Walking Volunteers play a vital role in meeting the house training, well-being and exercise requirements of our dogs at the shelter.  We are very grateful for all our Dog Walking Volunteers. Dogs who are taken out daily, learn how to conduct themselves better on a leash. This important program sees many dogs adopted faster as they are more social and well behaved.  All Volunteers interested in Dog Walking should fill out a Volunteer Sign-up Form prior to arriving to volunteer. Upon arrival, you must meet with staff, leave a photo I.D. at the front desk and make sure you are familiar with the Dog Walking Rules. A sheet is posted and you can consult staff for further details.

All Dog Walkers must be either 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult. Staff will determine on a case by case basis if there is a dog available to suit each persons size, strength and skill level. Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing as some dogs are new to the leash and may be jumpy or excited. Doggy bags are available to each Walker as picking up after the dog is a requirement for each Walker.

Dogs are colour coded within the shelter. Green card dogs are easiest to walk. Orange card dogs are more challenging. Red card dogs are only walked by experienced Shelter Volunteers.

Shelter Staff will also determine if weather conditions are such that dog walks might be shortened due to heat, cold or other factors. This of course is for the safety of both the dogs and our volunteers. Dogs are walked one at a time, but walkers may go out more than once with different dogs if they are available.

Thank you for considering Dog Walking!