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Too many Cats, Not enough Love

“Typically we usually have ¼ - 1/3 dogs, and the rest are cats, it gets busier in the summer time too­­­.” explained Frank Rockett, New Executive Director at the Quinte Humane Society.


Cats are more natural to the environment and tend to wander around, and if the cat isn’t spayed or neutered then they could breed. The problem is that there are already a large amount of cats in the Quinte Region and that number is only increasing.

The workers at the QHS understand that this is a huge problem for society and they are addressing it as best as they can.

“We need to get people informed and aware of the problem that’s out there.” Said Rockett. “That’s how we will make change.”

The QHS looks after about 2000 cats per year. “If we educate the public then the cats won’t breed as much.”

The situation with the large amount of cats has been the same problem for the past several years. It’s time to make change, because this problem will only get worse if cats keep breeding at this pace.

 The solution to this problem is simple; love the cats that are here.

There is a huge amount of healthy, cute, and home longing cats waiting to be adopted today.

Before the cats are put up for adoption, the workers ensure that the cat is at its best health possible.

There are approximately 100 of cats at QHS to be adopted and the price is well worth the fee, for around $120 you can adopt a healthy, spayed/neutered cat.

With all the work and treatment that the QHS puts into each of the cats, the adoption fee is miniscule.

Along with the workers, the QHS has many volunteers that help out each day, the volunteers help look after the animals and tame wild cats. Volunteers are always welcome to apply

All of us here are animal lovers, and we grow attached to them said Rockett.

But there is nothing better then when a cat is adopted and finds a new home.

The QHS runs mainly on donations so all help is appreciated. Each day there are three rooms open to the public. Head on over to the Quinte Humane Society and warm the heart of a cat as they warm yours.