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December Pawsitive News

Happy Tails πŸΆπŸ˜

   “Bella has settled into her new home wonderfully. We worked on lead training a lot in the first few weeks because she wanted to go every which way! Now, she loves going for walks down by the Kingston Waterfront. She also loves curling up on the couch with a cozy blankets and playing with her many, many toys (did we mention she’s a bit spoiled?) She’s not a huge fan of the mailman, but she has her favourite visitors including some of our friends in the neighbourhood. Given Bella’s past with dogs in her home, she’s still not great with other dogs she encounters outside. She can be very leash reactive, but we’re working with a dog behaviourist to help her learn how to greet other dogs and, hopefully one day, play safely! We just wanted to thank you so much for all the good work you do to find animals their furever home.”


2020 Statistics

Despite the pandemic, QHS was busy this year! We had a total of 1441 animals come into our care. 295 of those animals were dogs, 1092 cats, 39 small animals, 14 birds, and 1 pig.

We adopted out 89 dogs, 142 were reunited with their families, 61 were transferred to rescue, 5 were humanely euthanized, and 4 passed due to natural causes.

We adopted out 512 cats, 43 were claimed, 500 were transferred to rescue, 60 were humanely euthanized, and 9 passed due to natural causes. We are proud to have a strong barn cat program and this is how we ensure our feral cats are spayed and neutered and can live out their days, as they always have, in the wild- but no longer able to reproduce.

We adopted out 20 small animals including 10 Hamsters, 1 Mouse and 9 Rabbits. We also adopted out 14 birds including 1 Budgie, 11 Chickens, 1 Cockatiel, and 1 Parakeet. 15 small animals were transferred to rescue, and 1 was humanely euthanized. Our single pig was transferred to a hobby farm to live out the remainder of his days.

Did you Know - QHS never euthanizes for space, or length of stay? If an animal is euthanized it is for one of the following reasons: aggressive/dangerous and cannot be safely integrated into the community, quality of life, failure to thrive, and severe injuries/illness - always following veterinarian recommendation. Euthanasia is never an easy decision to make, but in some cases, it is the humane option for the animal. In 2020 we only had to euthanize .05% of what we took in.

Innovative Ideas!

Last year was like one we’ve never experienced here at QHS. All of our BIG fundraisers were cancelled due to the pandemic, and we, like so many other non- profit organizations needed to think outside the “litter box”. We have started hosting weekly raffles, via social media- and now accept EMT as our preferred method of payment. We have also implemented an ongoing bottle drive “Paws to Recycle” which to date has raised $10460.00

Upcoming Events

In December we launched our first ever online store! The store is accessible on our website, and orders can be picked up curbside. We offer a wide variety of QHS branded apparel, QHS branded glassware, as well as cat and dog clothing, leashes and collars, and of course our signature Pawlicious Donini Chocolate bars.

All proceeds come back to the animals in care!