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QHS & Donors Fall Victim to Theft - Suspect Not Part of the Society


In January of 2019 we had a donor contact us to request their 2018 tax receipt. After a thorough search of our financial records, we determined that we had not received the donation in question. The donor forwarded a copy of the cashed cheque. It was then, from the post-script on the deposited cheque that we were able to determine that someone unrelated to the Quinte Humane Society had deposited the funds into their personal account. At this point we immediately contacted the police and hoped it was an isolated incident.

Unfortunately, on February 21st 2019, we learned that three other donors were also victims of the same type of theft. As these cheques had been written and mailed weeks apart, we became concerned that they were going missing from our postal box. We forwarded this information to the postal outlet as well as to the police and immediate action was taken. We understand the thief is no longer an employee and thus our mail is secure once again.

If you have made a donation by mail anytime over the last five months and not received a donation receipt, we ask that you please contact the QHS’ office immediately at 613-968-4673 and provide the cheque number, donation amount, and date of the donation along with a copy of the cashed cheque. We are also asking that if you made a donation and the cheque was not cashed, to please let us know in case any cheques were discarded.

As the police are still investigating, we are uncertain how many donations were impacted by this shameful act. QHS is working closely with the authorities and once they have concluded their investigation, we are hopeful that every effort will be made to return the stolen funds to the rightful donors.

QHS is extremely appreciative of all the support it receives and is concerned about the impact this has had on our loyal generous donors. This fraudulent act undermines our ability to raise the urgent funds needed for animals in our care. It is our sincere hope that donors will continue to support the Quinte Humane Society in its vital work.