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QHS Update

Quinte Humane Society remains closed for adoption at this time and are only accepting surrenders in emergency circumstances. We are still receiving stray animals through animal control and are working with numerous rescue partners to keep local animals safe and well cared for. We still have adequate supplies and are meeting all the needs of the animals.

If anyone in the public has an animal related emergency, please call the shelter at 613-968-4673 and staff will try and assist you.

Donations are still very much needed and are being put to good use during this challenging time. You can drop supplies off at the shelter near the front door by calling staff once the items are there and they will come out to bring them in.

You can also visit quintehumanesociety.com or call 613-968-4673 to make a monetary donation. With numerous events being cancelled and many facing economic challenges, your support means more than ever.

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and look forward to when we can meet again.