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Teamwork Project August 8th-9th 2015

The Quinte Humane Society is very pleased to have been selected for the very first Teamwork project coordinated by the Peterborough Humane Society and involving volunteers from across the OSPCA and its Affiliates.

This project will tackle some of the larger repairs and renovations needed to keep the shelter running. Volunteers will be repairing our dog runs and canine exercise area including new higher fencing for dog safety, reroofing our shade structure, fixing our feline outdoor area and installing new doors with windows to make it safer for staff and volunteers moving dogs. They will also be installing new shelving in our storage container, new lighting in the dog runs and renovating some of our cat rooms to make them more efficient.

The assistance of so many volunteers from across the province really demonstrates the compassion and dedication the staff and volunteers of the OSPCA and its Affiliates have for animals as many of them work all week long for the animals in their communities and are now giving up their weekends to travel to the Quinte area to assist our local shelter to meet its goals of being a safe and compassionate place for homeless animals in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties.