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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do animals have before they are put to sleep?

A: There is NO set time limit on an animal’s stay once it is put up for adoption at the QHS. Once an animal is in our care, the reasons that we would consider euthanasia if all other options are exhausted are:

  • The animal is aggressive or severely attacks a person, other animal, or poses a risk to staff, volunteers or the public.
  • The animal becomes ill and the illness is not treatable or its quality of life is significantly diminished.

There are many myths propagated in the community about euthanasia at the shelter, but it is truly a last resort in order to treat the animal humanely. We work with many partners across the province and transfer to other shelters and rescues in order to deal with over population in our facility. Our staff bring a high level of compassion to all the work we do and animals are our number one priority.

Q: Why does Quinte Humane Society have paid staff?

Did you know that the Quinte Humane Society is staffed by paid professionals with post secondary educations in their chosen fields? This degree of professionalism ensures top quality care for the animals that would not be available from other organization. Trained as Veterinary Assistants, Veterinary Technologists and Registered Veterinary Technologists, our staff provides the hands on care required for proper shelter management. We also rely on community veterinarians for diagnosis, intensive care and surgery. Our staff are trained to work at a veterinary practice and so our professional staff provides the same level of care recommended by veterinarians to meet the needs of the animals.

Quinte Humane Society is provincially inspected to ensure top quality care and adherence to the regulated standards for animal welfare in Ontario. As an affiliate of the OSPCA we are the officially recognized Animal Centre for the region and receive ongoing training from sector experts in order to remain leaders in the field.

The animals deserve the best possible care that can be provided by professionals and supported by our dedicated volunteers.

Q: What is the QHS’s policy on stray animals?

A: The QHS is required by provincial law to hold stray animals for 72 hours. As re-uniting animals with their families is a priority for QHS, we choose to hold all stray animals for 5 days, exceeding provincial requirements.  This gives any possible owner exclusive rights to claim the animal. Having your tags up to date and your pet micro-chipped are good ways to ensure your pets speedy return. Up to date vet records are also a good way to prove your claim to a lost pet, one more great reason if you've "Got a pet, Get a vet!"  After the stray time is up the animal is re-checked for health and disposition, if all checks out the animal is placed up for adoption.

Q: How is the QHS funded?

A: QHS does not receive core funding through municipal, provincial or federal governments. Our funding is only provided through: fees for service, grants, bequests and private donations. It is the generosity of supporters which allows us to serve the animals of Hasting & Prince Edward Counties.

We do hold the Pound Contract for the City of Belleville, City of Quinte West, Tweed, and are working to secure other Pound Contracts throughout the region.

Please remind people that the QHS is a separate organization from the OSPCA and CFHS. Although we have a wonderful working relationship with the OSPCA and work together as much as possible, the QHS is completely autonomous.

Q: Why is spaying/neutering mandatory at the QHS?

A: The QHS provide services for approximately 2,000 animals each year. Animal overpopulation is a serious problem facing the entire country and Hastings & Prince Edward Counties are no exception. The QHS feels it must take a firm hand in attempting to control this problem, which is why a mandatory spay/neuter program is in place for all dogs and cats.