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Meet Coco!

🎀 Coco is a beautiful and playful not quite 2-year-old Lab X, who came to us through no fault of her own. She has spent the last few weeks in foster care learning some obedience, how to relax and chill, and that the big outside world isn’t too scary after all. When she first came to her foster home, she was anxious about the TV as it made noise, a bit worried about bigger vehicles, a bit wary about strangers at first etc. She has come a long way!

Her new family will need to continue stimulating her mentally and physically. She will require daily walks, though if you have a fenced-in yard, she loves to play fetch as well! Structure is best for many dogs, especially young ladies like Coco and she thrives on it. She loves bully sticks and will go to her comfy dog bed to relax and enjoy. A crate is a must for this gal, as it’s her safe place having spent a lot of time in one previously. Plus, it will keep her very curious mind out of trouble when you have to go out. She has not shown any destructive tendencies thus far, however she is still a puppy at this age and loves to investigate everything she can. She is amazing in the crate and settles quickly. That is also where she is used to sleeping. A large plastic one like she is used to will be provided as we want to give her the best start in her new home! This is not something we usually do, but for this gal, a crate is mandatory to set her up for success.

Coco could do well with an energetic dog 🐕 around her age (or a bit older but NOT a senior) and size she can play with. She has been interacting well with her foster brother. No cats, and children 12 or older only, please. She has too much energy for a kitty and may have a strong prey drive. Older kids only as younger ones with sudden movements and loud noises could startle her, as well as when she gets excited she can still jump and grab (not hard)! During your meet and greet that will all be addressed. If you have older children and/or a dog a meet and greet with the entire family and dog here at the shelter in the play yard is mandatory to ensure everyone clicks. Her foster dad who has put a lot of training into her will be present at her meet and greet to give her new family some tips.

Coco is a very loving gal 💕 once she meets you, has a great personality and will provide you with so many years of love and playfulness in return for so little. She’s a smart cookie and is very treat motivated (loves liver treats!) and would very much enjoy learning new commands. You don’t even have to ask her to sit, she does it, she also knows how to give a paw and is working on a nice solid “down” command. If you want extra fun with her that she will enjoy, consider enrolling her in some type of canine class!

🐾 Opt to adopt, give a dog like Coco a second chance!

✨ Wish list: Pate canned cat and kitten wet food, martingale collars, hidey houses for shy cats, lick mats for the dogs and paper towel.