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Meet Wilbur!

Wilbur came into the care of HSHPE as a stray that was not claimed. He has taken some time to settle in and now this boy’s big personality is showing!

If you’re looking for a cat that is full of energy and loves to play, look no further. Wilbur is always on the go. He is a wild guy who loves to play. He will play with anything you give him and particularly enjoys some cat nip or cat nip toys.

In the mornings at the shelter, you can find Wilbur running around his cage waiting for his breakfast. He gets very excited over his morning wet food! You can certainly win this boy over with food and treats.

After a life of being outdoors, Wilbur would prefer to remain as an indoor cat. Once he is settled into his new home, he would likely enjoy time on a harness and leash and supervised outside or in a secure catio.

Wilbur enjoys humans in his own way. He accepts being pet but can become overwhelmed and will let you know he is done with a light love bite. Due to this, Wilbur must go to a home where he will live with adults only and no children. He prefers a quieter home where he can just be his crazy self.

It is currently unknown how Wilbur would be with other animals. He does not seem to be bothered by the other cats at the shelter and with a proper introduction, he could potentially live with another cat. If he was to live with another cat, that cat would need to be very tolerant of the wild kitten behaviour that Wilbur displays.

If you’ve been looking for a cat with a playful side who will surely keep you entertained, come visit us at HSHPE and meet Wilbur!

Wish list: Canned pate cat and kitten food, kitten supplies such as miracle nipples and small litter boxes, martingale collars and slip leads for the dogs and timothy hay for our rabbits.