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Meet Beluga! Let’s “paws” to appreciate sweet baby Beluga! Earlier this month we featured a kitten named Auk from the “Arctic Crew”! We’re happy to announce Auk found her forever, and now it’s her sister Belugas’ turn! Beluga was born in care, one of six healthy teeny tiny kittens. Mom went in for an emergency spay and unfortunately, did not survive. These fragile lives were hand raised by one of our dedicated Animal Care Attendants, at only 3 days old they were syringe fed every 2 hours around the clock. As you can see from the picture, Beluga has grown big and strong, and
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Meet Alan & Bat! Today we have a sweet, bonded pair, ready and waiting to meet their new furever family! When Alan arrived here at HSHPE, he shut down. He had lived in a home, and this new environment was very stressful for him. He was placed into a foster home to learn his true personality. It took some time, but after nearly 8 weeks he had come out of his shell. Bat arrived in our care through Animal Control and was very timid and scared. He was placed in a foster home to let him decompress so we could learn about his personality in a setting where he could be more comfortable. In their foster
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Meet Mrytle! Myrtle arrived in care through animal control earlier this month, she wasn’t alone. Sweet Myrtle had a single 4-week old kitten with her. Myrtle was given an intake exam and like many cats who’ve been on their own for some time, she had ear mites, broken canines, red and inflamed gums, fleas, and cuts on her ears and head. She wasn’t bearing weight on her hind end and was taken to a veterinary partner to further investigate. After some pain medication, and cage rest Myrtle is feeling much better! Because she was given pain meds, her kitten went into foster care with a staff
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