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Meet Bernard aka Puss in Boots! Bernard came into our care at just 4 weeks old with puncture wounds on his back legs and hips that were riddled in infection. He was unable to walk and his bladder needed to be expressed manually many times a day. With antibiotics, time and love in his foster home, Bernard began to heal and was gaining motion of his back legs! Bernard had his follow up x-rays and his previous internal injuries have healed and do not require surgery. He has been cleared for adoption and is ready to find his furever home.

Bernard is now almost 6 months old and is a handful! He is a VERY energetic and playful boy! Always bouncing around chasing springs, crinkle balls and zooming through tunnels or up cat trees. But really, any toy entertains this boy! He can also be super cuddly and loves to curl up on your lap and take a nap. When he gets ready for a nap he starts kneading and suckling on whatever bed/blanket is near. Bernard loves other cats, but the feelings aren’t always mutual. His high energy and urge to play often comes off as too much. He will need another young and patient feline friend to bond with in his forever home.

Bernard has adjusted to life the way his body is, but does have a few special needs. He has an incredibly sensitive digestion system. He is very prone to both constipation and diarrhea and must remain on a very strict diet. But don’t worry, he LOVES meal time and is great at portion feeding which is a must to keep him regular! He is currently eating Royal Canin adult food which he will need to stay on to keep him regular. He has also taken to his water fountain in his foster home, and prefers to drink out of it rather then a normal bowl of water.

It is unknown how he is with dogs. He would do well with cat savvy children as he does like to nibble fingers and children will need to be aware of his sensitive areas.

If you are interested in meeting Bernard, you can go to our website www.quintehumanesociety.com and fill out an adoption application under the Adoption tab. Applications can be emailed to qhs@quintehumanesociety.com and a staff member will contact you to schedule an appointment to meet him and complete the adoption process if it is a match.

Adoption fee of $175 includes; Spay/Neuter, first vaccination, general deworming, advantage if needed, microchip, and four weeks of free trial pet insurance.

Items needed: Large/XL Strong garbage bags, Puppy Training pads (any size), Kitten Wet Food, Vet wrap