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Brule arrived into our care, and stole our hearts mid June. She was picked up by animal control, and sadly wasn’t claimed. She is an independent girl and is ready to catch a vari- kennel cab to her new forever home!

Brule has some very unique tortoiseshell markings. She has lovely lemon- lime eyes, and a spitfire personality. Did you know cats with this coat pattern are almost always female? Anyone who’s had a tort in their life, knows they often march to the beat of their own drum. She would prefer to share her new home with large humans only. She has asked I add “if there are any of those small humans running around- they should be at least 10 years of age or older.” Brule doesn’t have the patience for tiny humans.

Brule lives life by her own set of rules and at 2 years young she’s come to know what she likes and doesn’t.

She likes: toys/ laser pointers, high quality cat nip.

She detests: companion animals (other than the “queen” herself) and invasions of personal space.

Brule will seek affection, treats and love from her new family. She doesn’t enjoy being bombarded with snuggles, or being toted around. With that said, anyone who has met, and loved a tortoiseshell can attest they tend to have a very hot and cold personalities. So she’ll be the one to shower you with puurs and affection. And will also be the one to offer a cold shoulder if you’re late with her breakfast.

Brule is the type of cat you won’t have to worry about being lonely while you’re at work all day. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and fingers are crossed she’ll notice your absence.  Brule will make the perfect companion for someone seeking an independent feline, who will grace you with her presence, once SHE decides you’re her new best friend!

Wish list items: Canned kitten food, X Large heavy duty garbage bags, lick matts for our eager eaters (available at your local pet store as well as Amazon.ca) 

Thank you for your support!