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This week we are featuring Dior as pet of the week. She has been with us since the end of June, and seems to be having a hard time finding her forever home. You see, Dior has a very hot and cold personality. She can be overly affectionate and dispense tons of head boops and purrs, and in an instant she is unhappy with your presence, and will swat you away from her space. Due to her sometimes unpredictable nature, Dior has been entered into our barn cat program! This means her adoption fee will be waived for anyone interested in adopting her as an outdoor companion. Successful applicants must live on a parcel of land- outside of city limits. Dior will require shelter, food and water from her new family, and in return you’ll share outdoor space with a swift hunter who will assist in keeping your barns and outbuildings free of rodents.

Dior is one of 6 cats currently in care of Humane Society Hastings Prince Edward, who have been deemed suitable for our barn cat program. All cats adopted through this program will be spayed or neutered. There is no adoption fee for these animals, though a donation is always appreciated!

Consider opening your heart, and acreage to a barn cat today! With time and patience, Dior may warm up to her new family.

There have been many instances of a once sour cat, sweetening and beginning to trust their human caretakers. Will you help Dior settle into her forever?


Wishlist items: Martingale Collars for the dogs in care, Collapsible wire crates, and puppy training pads.

  Thank you for your support!