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Faith & Jet

Jet is an approximately 1 year old female, black cat, who was brought to the shelter in November of 2017. She was terrified of people and her surroundings at the shelter and she would lash out at staff and other cats, if anyone got to close to her.

Faith is an approximately 2 year old female, red/white tabby cat, who arrived at the shelter in December of 2017. Like Jet, the hustle and bustle of a busy animal shelter scared her. Rather than lash out like Jet did, Faith simply shut down and got depressed. She would huddle at the back of her cage and wouldn’t eat or drink.

Seeing their terror but also realising their potential, a kind foster home took them in to try and socialize them, hoping that some gentle TLC would help Jet and Faith learn that people can be good!

At first, things weren’t turning around. Both had the same “cattitude” that they had, had since arriving in QHS’s care. Until one day, their foster mother realized that they seemed to show a particular interest in each other’s company. So once they were fully vaccinated, she let them intermingle with each other and they’ve been “best feline friends” ever since!

Even though now the girls are still skittish around loud noises and quick movements, they’ve blossomed into lovely, affectionate cats. Jet loves to be patted, though not picked up. Cat trees and towers are her favorite thing! The higher she can climb, the happier she tends to be! Faith is a cuddle bug. She doesn’t like to be picked up high off of the ground but set her in your lap and she will curl up to snuggle with you for hours!

It is not very often that we have two cats, so closely bonded together and when we do, we know they’d be heartbroken to be adopted into separate homes. Which is why we’re pleased to say that because of a kindly donation, Faith and Jet have been sponsored to lower their adoption fee and help keep them together!

They’re looking for a quiet home, who will be patient with them as they learn about their new surroundings and has no dogs or children.