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Fang was removed from poor living conditions and brought to the HSHPE for care. He was the most reserved of the cats removed, and it took him a while to feel comfortable around people. Sudden movements, loud sounds, anything above a whisper would send him into hiding. As the days went on, we began to earn his trust! We could see he wanted so badly to be pet, Fang would arch his body from across the room as though he could feel our hands along his back. He would slowly inch closer but was sure to stay just out of reach.

Fang was placed in a quiet foster home so we could learn more about him. Here are some notes from his foster mom!

Jan 21- Happy to say he is improving every day.  Still a little skittish. Right now he is playing in the living room. Quite the funny little guy. Loves watching the birds at the feeder through the patio door. Keeps them both entertained. The last few days he actually let me pet him and scratch his head. He loves it! I was so thrilled. Although treats might have something to do with it.  He is a sweetie.  

Feb 2 - Every day he gets better. He is so much calmer. Loves to be petted and groomed, but not picked up. I will try again today. My friend dropped in yesterday, and he stayed put and watched. No disappearing.

Feb 18- He is a good boy. Loves to be groomed and played with, a plastic ball with a bell keeps him really busy. I would love to keep him because he makes me laugh out loud. He is very gentle and sweet. Never shown any aggression to me or my female cat.

Fang has come SO FAR in his rehabilitation! He's met some great people, and is becoming more comfortable every day! Fang would be most successful in a home with another confident and friendly feline. Dogs are a no thank you. Fang is a very sweet cat, and once you've earned his trust you're guaranteed a best friend for life. Once Fang is settled into his new home and learns who his family is, I'm sure you'll soon have a snuggly boy who will curl up beside you as you say goodnight to the world.

He is looking for a patient and understanding home, someone who will give him the chance to come around in his own time. Fang is well worth the wait! He would be best suited in a home with a single adult but older, calm children would be suitable so long as his new adoptive family is patient, Fang will adjust to his next, and best chapter yet- his happily ever after!

Fang has been neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, will be microchipped and his new parents will receive 4 weeks of free trial pet insurance, as well as some extras from our Community Partners!

Wish list: pate canned cat food, large heavy-duty garbage bags & catnip toys.