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Feline Enrichment!

Our cats are seeing a lot more of us these days due to the Provincial wide stay at home order. Here are a few ways you, and your family can keep your feline friends entertained while locked down together.

Become an Inventor- Cats love to climb! Providing appropriate climbing apparatus such as cats trees- homemade or purchased, should keep them off of your curtains! Corrugated cardboard boxes work great, and if you’re feeling inventive, and have some duct tape handy, you could come up with an intricate tunnel system. Your cats are sure to appreciate your efforts!

Become a Gardener- With the warmer weather on its way- why not grow some catnip or wheat grass for your kitties to enjoy! Another idea, is to place a bird feeder near a window, and allow your cat first row seats to a bird watching documentary. This will ensure all birds are safe from grasping paws, and keep your cat entertained for hours on end.  

Become an Educator- Do you have school aged children? Make reading fun, and suggest they have the family cat sit in on some reading practice! Reading Buddy Programs are implemented in many Shelters and Humane Societies across Canada and beyond. These programs have been proven to reduce anxiety in children who may struggle with reading, and help them to gain confidence while building literacy skills. Our pets lend an ear that is free of judgement.

Become a Stylist- Cats are constantly grooming themselves, they often enjoy being groomed by someone they love. Brushing, and combing their coat will prevent tangles and matted fur. Adding small amounts of fish oil to their dry food will keep their coat shiny and healthy. Nail clipping, and ear cleaning are more ways to pamper your pet (though, they may not love the idea at first, they’ll feel fresh and thank you later!)

Become a Chef- There are tons of homemade treat recipes online, they’re very simple and you probably already have the ingredients at home. This is a fun way to spend an afternoon. While humans have nearly 9000 taste buds, cats only have about 480. They’re sure to love anything you create!

We'd love to see photos of your creations, and the ways in which you're spoiling your catpanions during the pandemic! Please email kballenthin@quintehumanesociety.com and I'll be sure to share the photos with the staff at QHS!