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Guinea Pigs

These three cute Guinea Pigs are up for adoption and looking for a quiet home where they can learn to trust people. All three are female and used to living together so we would like to keep it this way.

These girls will require a LARGE cage/pen with a hidey hut, toys, and tunnels to keep them happy and comfortable. They will also require time outside of their cage every day/night to socialize with their new family.

The girls are very shy here at the shelter, and not that used to being handled. They will require their new family to move slowly and have patience, but we believe with some TLC they will thrive!

All Guinea Pigs require a specialized diet, and we encourage you to do some research on this and general Guinea Pig care. They will require unlimited access to Timothy Hay which is essential for their dental health. They will also require a source of Vitamin C in a good quality pellet or supplement as Guinea Pigs can get Scurvy if this is not provided.

Adoption Fee: $30.00 for all 3 *includes a free health exam at a participating vet*

Please call QHS at 613-968-4673 for more information about the adoption process.

Items needed: Wooden chews/toys for small animals, timothy hay, high quality bedding such as Boxo.