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This handsome bun came in as a stray and is now looking for his forever home! QHS staff is still getting to know this rabbit, but here is what we know about him so far! He is active, curious, and will require a LARGE living space to keep him comfortable and prevent boredom when spending time by himself. He LOVES his fresh greens and veggies and will tolerate being pet gently on the head but does not like being picked up (like most rabbits). He will need someone who understands him and rabbit behaviour to show him that people can be trusted and be his friend. He loves to explore and will require a rabbit proofed space to spend his time. He will need at least 3-4 hours outside of his pen every day to exercise and socialize with his new forever family. 

While not fully litter trained yet, he is learning and his litter habits will continue to improve with time and after he is neutered. He loves to eat hay in his litter box and MUST have an unlimited supply of Timothy Hay at all times to remain in good health. 

Rabbits are not low maintenance pets and are often not suitable pets for young children. They require specialized care and diet, so please do your research before deciding if a rabbit is the right addition to your family. QHS is happy to answer any questions you may have at (613) 968-4673 or lorr@quintehumanesociety.com

Adoption Fee: $75.00 **includes his surgery to be neutered and a free vet exam at a local participating vet clinic**