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Hopscotch is a beautiful Flemish Giant spayed female rabbit. She came into our care as a stray and was not claimed. She is an older rabbit that is very outgoing and loves to run around her play pen throwing her toys. Hopscotch does not enjoy being picked up, but loves to be pet and scratched behind her ears.  

Rabbits can make amazing companions, but are not low maintenance pets. Please consider the following information if you are considering adopting a rabbit!

  • Rabbits can live 10+ years if cared for properly, they are a major commitment.
  • They cannot live happily in small cages. Rabbits require a large area to live in, custom enclosures or x-pens are necessary.
  • Rabbits can be VERY destructive (chewing, digging, etc.) so rabbit proofing is a must!
  • Rabbits require a specialized diet that is essential to their dental and digestive health. They must have access to an unlimited amount of Timothy Hay at all times.
  • Most rabbits do NOT tolerate being picked up, cuddled, or handled for long periods of time. They are prey animals, and prefer to remain on the ground. They do not make good pets for young children in most cases.
  • Rabbits are extremely delicate. They require gentle handling to prevent injury or stress.
  • They are considered exotic pets, and require a veterinarian that specializes in exotics.

If you are interested in meeting Hopscotch, please contact us via e-mail at qhs@quintehumanesociety.com or phone at 613-968-4673 for an application. Once received a completed application a staff member will contact you to schedule an appointment to meet her and complete the adoption process if it is a match.

Adoption fee of $80

Items needed:  Puppy Training Pads (any size), Kitten Wet Food, Printer Paper