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Kenny is a 3-year-old male brown tabby with the softest fur you’ve ever felt! He must spend his evenings grooming and preening in order to look his very best when we arrive each morning! Don’t get me started on his aquamarine eyes, he is a remarkable tabby cat, with strikingly beautiful markings! Kenny was surrendered into our care early June. He was in living in a home with other animals, which led to increased stress. Moving forward, Kenny must be the only animal in his forever home.

Kenny is loveable. He is such a sweet and friendly boy who loves to be pet. Kenny is looking for a quiet home with no children under 15. Loud sounds are very scary for this sweet boy, because of this his new parents must understand Kenny will take time to get used to his new life. Big transitions can be frightening and he would be most successful if started out in a room in the home. Once Kenny becomes more comfortable in his environment he will begin to venture out, explore, and play. Time and patience are requirements for success in Kenny’s new home. Unfortunately, he has been bounced around a couple of different homes now. They didn’t work for a shy cat like Kenny. Loud sounds will send him running for the hills. When Kenny lets his guard down, and settles he is a fantastic cat! He is so affectionate, and will climb up in your chest for snuggles while you watch your favorite shows in the evening. He can be picked up, cuddled and loved on without any protest. Its very apparent Kenny wants a human best friend, but someone who is calm, and understands not all cats are brave, and for some, it takes a special person to show a shy animal that the world isn’t scary place.

Kenny is currently eating a diet of C/D stress- which we recommend be maintained in his new home.

Kenny has been neutered and can begin his new life the very same day he is adopted. His microchip will be registered to his new owner. He will also be dewormed, and receive his core vaccines. Kenny will be sent home with some coupons and extras from our community partners.

Please consider Kenny as your forever friend!

  Wishlist Items: Canned Kitten Food, Cat Tunnels and Cat Climbing Trees.

  Large sized slow feeders for our canine guests

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