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May is National Pet Month

May is National Pet Month and one of the ways the Quinte Humane Society is celebrating is by promoting the benefits of pet ownership. Everyone loves their pets and knows how much love they bring to a home but do you notice the other ways that your pets benefit your life? Caring for a pet can help you make healthy lifestyle changes such as:

Increasing exercise. Studies have shown that dog owners are much more likely to meet their daily exercise requirements which is a benefit not only to you but to your pet. Taking a dog for a walk or run are fun ways to get in your daily steps, to get outside and to build strong bonds.

Providing companionship. Especially after the last year we have had staying at home, its apparent more than ever the importance of companionship and how they can help loneliness everyday and in isolation. Nothing combats loneliness like coming home or waking up to a pet.

Helping you meet new people. Pets can help build new relationships and add to old relationships. They are amazing conversation starters and people out walking dogs or at dog parks often stop to chat. Getting together with other friends who have animals for a play date is a great way to socialize your pets as well as yourself.

Reducing anxiety. While pets are amazing companions who provide us with comfort, they also help ease anxiety in and outside the home. Petting, hugging, watching and taking care of an animal can quickly clam and sooth you when you’re anxious. An emotional support animals job is to do just that!

Adding structure and routine to your day. Sticking to your own schedule can be hard but when you have someone depending on you, it becomes a little easier. Most pets, especially dogs need regular feeding and walking and it is best to keep a consistent routine. Who doesn’t love being woken up to a happy animal looking for food, exercise and love!