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Meet Amara!

🗣 Amara arrived in our care in late May. She was found alone outside at a local business, and at just 4 weeks old she would have never survived on her own. Amara is currently in foster care with a staff member and we’ve learned a lot about her.

🐈‍⬛ We noticed something wasn’t quite right with this sweet and petite girl, her movements were shaky and her coordination was off. She was seen by a local veterinary partner and it was determined that Amara has a mild case of CH (Cerebellar hypoplasia-is a developmental condition in which the cerebellum of the brain fails to develop properly. The cerebellum is the portion of the brain that controls fine motor skills, balance, and coordination. CH is not painful or contagious.)

🐾 Amara will be wobbly forever, but that just makes her an extra special girl. If that isn’t enough to pull on your heartstrings, Amara is also blind. What she lacks in coordination and vision, she more than makes up for with personality! Amara is very sweet, she is playful and she is 💜ADORABLE. She may not be able to see what you’re up to but her other senses are heightened, her hearing is impeccable and this is how she engages in play. Once she hears a bell ring, or a toy hits the floor Amara hones in on her prey, and is quite successful in her hunting abilities.

😽 Amara is looking for a patient and understanding family who will set her up for success. She’ll require a room to navigate, and become comfortable in, from there you can begin to allow her access to another area in the home until eventually, she learns the layout of the land.

Amara is a very 🥰 affectionate girl, once she settles and begins to know you, you’ll have the chance to experience all the affection Amara offers. She is super snuggly, enjoys being carried and pet all over. Once Amara trusts you she’ll give kisses to show you she feels safe and loved. Amara will settle in a home with children, 6+, friendly cats, and with time she would adapt to sharing her new home with a calm and respectful canine companion.

🖤 Amara has been spayed, is up to date on vaccines and deworming, and is ready to begin her new life! Please give us a call to learn more about Amara!

Wish list items: martingale collars for the pups awaiting adoption, wood pellet cat litter, and ceramic cat bowls.

⭐️ Thank you for your continued support!