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Meet Aslan!

Aslan came in through animal control with badly matted fur. He was given a fancy haircut by staff and when not claimed was made available for adoption. He is a very shy boy that will take his time to warm up to you and get used to his new environment.

A patient home that can help Aslan feel safe around humans is a must. He prefers people to respect his personal space and allow him to make the first move for attention. If you offer him an open hand he will give it a sniff and then ask for an ear rub, he often flops onto his back asking for a deep chin rub.

Aslan is very gentle and loving once he gets to know you. He spent some time in one of our amazing foster homes where his personality came shining through. He showed his sweet and affectionate side to his foster family and enjoyed the company of people once he settled in.

Food is another way to win over this shy boy. He enjoys his food and treats.

Due to his medium hair coat and the fact that he came in matted, he will need to get used to brushing and be brushed frequently to keep him looking as handsome as can be.

In his foster home, Aslan discovered the joys of sitting in a window and watching the outside world. He enjoys bird and animal watching as well as soaking up the sunshine while lounging out. He would love it if his new home had a catio where he could safely enjoy time outside.

The ideal home would be both quiet and patient. Aslan will take time to get used to his new surroundings and will need a room to himself where he can get used to the new smells and sounds of his home before being turned loose to the whole place. He would do well in a home with another calm and laid-back cat. He has not been dog tested but it could be arranged and the dog in the home would need to be used to cats as well as laid-back. Adults only or older children who can respect his boundaries and understand his body language would be the best companions for him.

Please open your heart and home to this sweet boy, you will not regret it!

Wish list: Pate canned cat and kitten food, pate senior cat food, martingale dog collars, paper towels and heavy-duty garbage bags.