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Meet Caramel!

Caramel came into the care of HSHPE as a stray and was not claimed. She is our resident “weirdo”, always keeping staff entertained with her silly personality. It is suspected that Caramel may have a mild case of CH (cerebellar hypoplasia) which causes her to have a bit of a head tilt.

Caramel is a bit of an independent girl. She likes to spend her days hanging out upside down in her kennel. She loves having a bed to lounge in and enjoys being up high and would likely enjoy having a large cat tree to hang out on in her new home.

Springs are one of her favourite toys. She also enjoys small teddy bears, and although she will often put them in her water bowl, she really does love them and will play and cuddle with them. Caramel will most definitely keep you entertained with her antics and energetic personality!

After trying many foods, the staff has found that she is not overly interested in eating kibble. If the kibble is small in size she will play with it and eventually eat a few here and there. She does really enjoy eating wet food.

The best home for Caramel would be one with no children, or older children (12+) as she does play quite rough and doesn’t have the best manners when being petted sometimes. She prefers not to be picked up much. Caramel would do well in a home with other cats after a proper introduction. She has not been tested with dogs, but this can be arranged with an approved application.

If you’ve been looking for a feline friend to keep you entertained, look no further than Caramel!

Wish list: Canned pate cat & kitten food, martingale collars for the dogs and XL heavy-duty garbage bags.