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Meet Casper!

Casper is a quiet guy who enjoys spending his afternoons curled up on the windowsill enjoying a nap in the sunshine. You’ll find him napping in his covered bed if he's not in the windowsill. This guy is as laid back as it gets!

If you’ve been looking for an affectionate feline friend who enjoys lots of attention, look no further! Casper is a very affectionate boy. He loves being pet and will give you head boops. He is the softest boy you’ve ever felt. He is happy to hang out in your lap or lay on top of you.

Don’t let his calm demeanour fool you though, he does have moments where he plays with his toys. He will flop on his side and show you his belly, then when you pet it he will get into play mode and kick your arm. At this point, he may give you a little love nibble out of excitement, but this will be followed by kisses! We were told that Casper is a good hunter, and we often find him carrying around mice toys in his mouth.

Casper has been declawed and is currently on medication for anxiety. Casper is also eating a special diet. He will need to remain on Urinary S/O Calm in his new home. He has had urinary issues in the past, which seem to be resolved with the food. Casper prefers to have a high-sided litter box, as his aim is not great without one.

Due to Casper’s need for a quiet and calm environment, he is best suited to a home that is adults only with no children and no other animals.

In his previous home, Casper was allowed time outside. We believe he would still enjoy this but would like him to have access to a catio or to be trained on a harness and leash and taken out with supervision. This will prevent him from getting into any trouble.

Don’t let his medication and special diet turn you away, this special boy is incredible! He can’t wait to start his second chance with his new furever family!

Wish list: PATE canned cat food, martingale dog collars and enrichment items for cats, dogs, and small animals.