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Meet Cheez- it, and Miss Vickies!

📰 Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

🗣 Shy kitties seek their forever, together!

⭐ Today we are shining a bright spotlight on two, 10-month-old, very bonded feline friends.

These kittens were trapped last summer and brought into the care of HSHPE. Because they were captured at a young age, they were still impressionable and our staff was able to earn their trust. It wasn’t a quick and easy feat. These kittens were born outside to a feral mother, and never knew the caring touch of a human.

🐾 One of our staff members has been fostering Cheez-It 🧀 and Miss Vickies for more than four months now. During this time they have proven, that in a patient home, they have learned to trust people.

🎀 They are both typical kittens, have tons of energy, and are constantly playing. They love crinkle balls, cardboard scratching posts, and everything and anything with catnip in it. Food and treats are a great way to gain their trust as they get very excited about meal times! They LOVE other cats 🐈 and would benefit from sharing their new home with a confident feline. They both enjoy being pet and will occasionally flop for a belly rub. A quiet home with no dogs and no children (14+) is a must. These sweet kittens bond strongly with one person, a single person/adult couple home would be ideal and best suited to their reserved personalities.

💜 Cheez-it and Miss Vickies have been spayed/ neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and will be microchipped once adopted. Their new pet parents will receive 4 weeks of free trial pet insurance, included in the adoption, as well as some extras from our Community Partners!

🐱 Wishlist items: Towels, blankets, and sheets (no elastics or buttons please) Medium garbage bags for our upstairs cat area, paper towel, and gastro cat treats.

😍 Thank you for your continued support!