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Meet Draco!

🗣 Happy, healthy, and hopeful! I introduce you to Draco!

💙 Draco has been with us since August of last year. Draco’s life before coming into our care wasn’t satisfactory. He was removed from a home that was heavily overpopulated with cats, and because of this, Draco’s health was negatively impacted. It took months of syringe feeds, medications, rechecks, and subcutaneous fluids to ensure he stayed hydrated. Our dedicated staff monitored Draco very closely, he is a petite boy and his life was so fragile while he was ill. We’re beyond happy to report Draco has been cleared for adoption 🥰! We’re celebrating a huge victory for the many animals removed from this home, after months of waiting, they have been awarded to the HSHPE, and can be placed for adoption 🥳!

We’ve had time to get to know Draco and he is a testament to the resiliency of animals 💪. Despite his past, he is so friendly, he is so playful, he is beyond sweet! Draco enjoys honing his inner hunter and practices his skills by stalking and destroying feather toys. He is ready to begin a new chapter; he has beat the odds and recovered from his tragic past. ⭐️ Once you meet Draco I can assure you it will be hard to walk away. Draco deserves a family who will love and cherish him, and at only 1.5 years old he has many wonderful years to share with you!


🐾 Draco is currently eating gastro kibble, as well as wet food which prevents him from getting an upset belly, in order to preserve his health, he should remain on this food once adopted. Draco will most likely require dental work in the future. We feel he would excel in a home with children 6 and older, Draco enjoys the company of female 🐈 felines, he hasn’t been dog tested but this can be arranged with an approved application.

Draco has been neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and treated for internal parasites, his adoption will also include extras from our Community Partners.

❤️ Open your heart and home to a homeless animal today!

Wish list items: Canned pate cat food, small hidey houses for our shy feline guests, and XL heavy-duty garbage bags.

💚 Thank you for your support!