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Meet Elsa!

🗣 Today I introduce you to the lovely Elsa!

💜 She was surrendered into our care in April, as she wasn’t getting along with the other animals in her previous home. It took Elsa some time to settle in, she made it apparent from the start that she has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to other animals. Elsa is an ice queen who is looking forward to ruling her kingdom. After a few days of being here, we noticed Elsa either had selective hearing and was choosing to ignore us, or she was deaf. Turns out she’s deaf, though if she could hear she’d probably still ignore us.

🐾 Elsa marches to the beat of her own drum, when the other cats are snoozing the afternoon away, Elsa will catch a sudden case of the zoomies. She may be 5 years old but is still a kitten at heart. Elsa loves throwing toy mice 🐁 around her kennel and promises if you choose her, you’ll never have another rogue fly in your home.

🐈 Elsa is spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. She can begin her new life the very same day someone walks through the door and falls in love with this unique girl. Once she has the chance to settle into her new home, she will surprise you with her sweet personality. She is looking forward to endless chin scratches from her new pet parents!


Open your heart and home to Elsa today!

Wishlist items: Martingale collars for the pups, canned pate cat food , and timothy hay for the small animals in care.

😍 Thank you for your continued support!