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Meet Fendi!

Fendi is a spicy boy that came into the care of HSHPE as a stray through animal control and was not claimed. Fendi is very independent and will need a quiet home that will allow him to settle into his new environment. Ideally, he would have a room of his own to settle into the sounds and smells of his new environment and frequent visits from his new family in his space. It has taken him time to get used to life in the shelter and the staff/volunteers. He has gotten much better at being picked up, as he is taken outside into our cattery to hang out on nice days.

After obviously spending some time living the outdoor life, Fendi is ready to continue onto his next adventure in a nice home with a new family. He would like to be able to go outside either supervised on a leash and harness or in some type of catio/cattery, where he could safely enjoy time spent outdoors. He really enjoys watching what’s going on in the world and all the birds flying around.

There are 2 ways to Fendi’s heart, food & toys. Fendi is extremely playful and loves to play with toys, his absolute favourite toy to play with is a ping pong ball. He will spend hours chasing it around. He loves food and can be won over with any food or treat. He is very smart and enjoys using a puzzle feeder. He has no problem at all figuring them out.

Fendi is an independent guy. He is outgoing and enjoys attention on his terms. He can become overstimulated easily and will let you know when he has had enough. Keeping him busy mentally with food puzzles, toys and activities he can do on his own and not overstimulating him with a human touch will be necessary for his new home.

The ideal home environment for this handsome boy would be a home where he is the only pet, he prefers to be the king of the castle. Fendi prefers the company of adults only and is not suitable to live with children.

Opt to adopt, change a life today!

Wish list: Pate canned cat and kitten wet food, martingale collars, hidey houses for shy cats, lick mats for the dogs and paper towel.