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Meet Hopper!

Hopper and his siblings were born in foster care on May 30. Being raised in a wonderful foster home with their mom gave these babies the BEST start in life. They are very well socialized, extremely friendly, and even used to having dogs, cats, and kids around. They are always eagerly waiting at the door to their enclosure for attention and love to socialize out and about with people and animal friends.

Hopper is always at the front of his kennel waiting for treats or to be petted. He is a very social boy and enjoys human company. He loves treats. Some of his favourites are hibiscus petals and papaya bites. Like most rabbits, he is not the biggest fan of being picked up but will happily be held on your lap for petting. He loves having toys for chewing and likes jingle balls. He will pick them up and toss them around. He should be given a variety of different enrichment items to keep him happy.

Hopper is a large boy already at 5 months old. He will require a home that is able to provide them with a large enclosure and plenty of time outside of it to play. He is an excellent house rabbit who will provide hours of entertainment, and company, and really loves to just hang out with you.

Bunny proofing is always a requirement but especially important for young rabbits like Hopper. They are very curious, love to explore and much like a human toddler - put everything in their mouths. Chewing is a natural behaviour in rabbits so protecting them from dangerous items and protecting your belongings is key. They love having toys, branches, and other rabbit-safe materials to chew on and play with.

Hopper has good litterbox habits, and he has been neutered. Spaying and neutering have SO many health and behavioural benefits for rabbits. It reduces territorial and destructive behaviours, improves litter box habits, and prevents multiple reproductive cancers that rabbits are very prone to. Rabbits live longer, happier, healthier lives when spayed/neutered!

As always, please do your research on rabbit behaviour, health, nutrition, and general care before applying to adopt. Rabbits are considered exotic pets that require specialized care (including vet care!) and live 10+ years if properly cared for. They make amazing companions but are not low-maintenance or starter pets.

Please call 613-968-4673 or email hshpe@humanesocietyhpe.ca if you are interested in adopting Hopper!

Wish list: PATE canned cat food, non-clumping cat litter, timothy hay & rabbit enrichment items