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Meet Jimmy!

🗣 What BIG ears you have..!

"All the better to hear my new family coming to take me home!"

🐇 Jimmy and his litter mates were surrendered into our care in May. They were a little under 8 weeks and are now 5 months old. Jimmy has been waiting patiently for his forever family for a long time. During his wait, our staff and volunteers have been helping him to become more used to human companions. Jimmy wasn’t born in a home where he was handled and socialized, thankfully he is still a young lad and very impressionable. He’s come leaps and bounds during his time with us and is a very sweet-natured 🥕 bunny!

Once Jimmy is adopted he will have the opportunity to bond with a family who will love and adore ♥️ him. He’s very gentle, oh so curious and my gosh- those ears! Jimmy is softer than he appears, sweeter than you can imagine, and he’s very playful. 🐰 We expect Jimmy will be medium/large sized when fully grown (his ears are growing at rapid speed and his body may never catch up!)

Like all companion rabbits, Jimmy will require a home able to provide him with patience, socialization, enrichment, and time out of his enclosure to play and exercise.

🍀 Jimmy is doing great with litter training and his litter box habits will continue to improve once he's been neutered!

💙 Neutering has SO many health and behavioural benefits for rabbits. It reduces territorial and destructive behaviours, improves litter box habits, and prevents multiple reproductive cancers that rabbits are very prone to. Rabbits live longer, happier, healthier lives when they're spayed/neutered. As always, please do your research surrounding rabbit behavior, health, nutrition, and general care. Rabbits are considered an exotic pets who require specialized care (including vet care!) Rabbits can live 10+ years if properly cared for. They make amazing companions but are not low-maintenance or starter pets.

🥰 Wish list: enrichment items for the small animals in care, martingale collars (all sizes) and non-clumping cat litter.

Thank you for your support ❣