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Meet Junco!

🗣 Put your paws together as we welcome Junco to center stage!

💙 Junco is a very sweet and sleek house panther, who arrived in our care in mid-June. This little guy has already used 1 of his 9 lives running as fast as he could to evade some roaming neighborhood dogs. He was scooped up from a window well by a caring member of the public and brought to us. Junco was just a kitten when he arrived, and during his intake exam it was noted he wasn’t bearing weight on one of his hind legs. He was seen by a veterinary partner and x-rays revealed Junco has underdeveloped hips. He will require a close relationship with a veterinary in his new home to determine if he’ll need surgery in the future. As if that wasn’t enough of a rough start to life, we’ve also learned Junco had some troublesome bacteria in his stomach, and should remain on a gastrointestinal diet to maintain healthy gut flora.

🐾 Junco has an outstanding personality that more than makes up for his medical history. He’s now 5 months old, and we’re certain there is someone out there who will commit to Junco for the rest of his kitty life 🍀.

Junco loves the company of feline friends, and gives two paws up to the idea of sharing his home with another cat. He would be well suited to a home with children who are 8+, remember he is part black panther and sometimes his wild side surfaces. Giant dilated pupils could mean Junco is stalking that pesky fly that’s been hanging around the window sill. You’ll never feel alone with Junco in your life, he’s a vocal boy and you can count on him chatting with you during the day!

🐱 Junco has been in foster care with one of our dedicated Animal Care Attendants for months now, and though she loves him greatly, it’s time for Junco to leave the nest.

He’s been neutered and vaccinated, including his yearly rabies vaccine. Junco’s been treated for external and internal parasites; all he’s missing is YOU!

😽 Please give us a call (613)968-4673 to learn more about Junco, and apply to adopt.

Wish list items: canned pate cat and kitten food, martingale collars for the pups in care, enrichment items for the bunnies and small animals.

😍 Thank you for your continued support!