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Meet Maximus!

Today we are featuring the best boy, Maximus!

Maximus is a handsome 2-year-old who had to be surrendered when the circumstances changed in his owner’s life, and they could no longer provide him with the care they felt he deserved.

This boy has beautiful, unique markings, making him a real looker. He has a sweet personality and is very loving. He willingly accepts pets and has enjoyed going on walks with our dog walkers. Maximus enjoys sleeping in bed with his people but could learn to be crate trained at night with some practice.

Maximus is a smart boy, he knows how to sit, stay, off, be nice and to high five with both paws. He is still young and could always use more obedience training. He would likely excel in learning tricks as he has a willingness to learn. He does not have good recall at this time, and should not be allowed off-leash, as he will take off for some adventures.

He is housetrained and loves having a fenced-in yard to run and play. Maximus has a very loud bark and is not suitable for living in an apartment as he could be considered disruptive.

Maximus has only ever lived with adults but is good with strangers and could potentially live with a family that had children. All family members would need to meet this sweet boy before adopting. Maximus has not been dog and cat tested but both of those can be completed by staff if we have adopters interested. If his potential home has another canine friend, a meet and greet will be mandatory.

Some things that Maximus loves are care rides, squeaky rubber chicken toys and knotted t-shirts.

If you’ve been looking to add a new furry friend to your home, why not give Maximus a chance?

Wish list items: PATE canned cat & kitten food, martingale dog collars, slip leads for dogs, 135L garbage bags and enrichment items (toys etc.) for dogs, cats, and small animals.