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Meet Miss Peregrine!

It’s national black cat day, and today we are featuring this beautiful feline, Miss Peregrine!

Miss Peregrine arrived in the care of HSHPE as a stray and was heavily pregnant. She was not claimed and was put into foster care, where she could have her kittens in a nice quiet environment. She gave birth to her kittens who are now weaned and after allowing her milk to dry up, she has since been spayed.

Affection is this girl’s middle name. She loves all the attention and affection that she can get from humans. She is the epitome of a lap cat. She just cannot get enough humane interaction. She will certainly make a great companion for someone looking for a feline friend to spend evenings on the couch with!

Miss Peregrine has 1 obsession in life, and that is jingle balls. She cannot get enough of them and is constantly batting them around. She also loves playing with the cat ball towers. She really hopes her new home will supply her with a never-ending supply of her favourite toy.

A cat tree is a must for this girl. She loves being high above her kingdom while lounging about. She will use a scratching post and really enjoys using a cardboard scratcher.

Miss Peregrine has chronic upper respiratory which is under control. This causes her to become stuffed up at times. She also has a sensitive stomach and should continue with the probiotic she is currently receiving daily. She could also benefit from gastrointestinal food. Her new home should have a good relationship with their veterinarian, in case she needs care for either of these things.

The ideal home for Miss P would be adults only or a home with children who are respectful of cats and over the age of 6 years. She has been around other cats and would do fine in a home with other feline friends. She has not been dog tested at this time.

If you are interested in adopting Miss Peregrine, please submit an application and we can arrange a time for her foster to bring her in for a meet and greet!

Wish list: PATE canned cat food, specialty dry food diets (please call or email to find out which ones), martingale dog collars, snuffle mats and garbage bags (135L & 45L).