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Meet Nutty!

Nutty arrived in our care as a stray in March, she was accompanied by her 5 kittens. She was a very young mother, a kitten herself at only a year old. 
Her kittens have all found loving homes, but Nutty is still waiting patiently. It’s our best guess, that Nutty has never spent time with people. She arrived in our care with her most precious baggage- her kittens. Before arriving in our care, Nutty had never known a kind hand. She wasn’t raised with humans and because of this, Nutty’s rehabilitation has proven challenging. 

Our dedicated staff has given Nutty time, space, and routine- this is how we foster trust in animals who are uncertain of people. We moved at her pace, reading her cues when she was becoming overwhelmed, or uncomfortable, and respected her space. Nutty’s demeanor wasn’t improving in a shelter environment, and one of our staff members opened their heart and home to help her overcome her fears. 

This is what we’ve learned so far!

Nutty is a young, skittish, independent, and very playful girl. Nuttys new family must be patient with her while she transitions into her new home. Once adopted it is essential, that she has a separate room where she can be alone at times, settle and decompress. Nutty should have access to one room in her new home while she adjusts to her accommodations. While she’s in her penthouse, settling in, frequent visits from her new people will be beneficial in creating a bond. Nutty is very independent, she does enjoy the presence of humans and will sit near you, and engage in play but only wants short sessions of human contact and in true feline form- it must be on her terms.  Nutty does not tolerate being picked up and will become reactive if someone tries to pick up or restrain her. Once you’ve had the chance to bond with Nutty, you can start introducing the carrier- she hates the carrier! Routine health checkups are very important to her wellbeing, and we suggest creating positive association, with the thing she hates most. Nutty’s wet food or treats can be placed in an open carrier, and with time Nutty will start to associate her carrier with good things (a carrier that opens from the top is a must-have) She is very fond of lick tubes (similar to yogurt tubes for children) she recognizes the sound of the packaging and comes over to investigate right away. Playing is one of her favorite pastimes and there isn’t a toy that Nutty won’t have a blast with. Ribbons on wands, spring toys, and small toy mice are her favorites! When she isn't playing, Nutty loves to lay in her comfy bed and bask in the sun. Due to her skittish and at times, standoffish personality she will be most successful in a quiet and easy-going home with no children. Nutty would like to be the only animal in her new home. She will remain in foster care until she is adopted. Her foster mom will continue to develop social skills to ensure a solid foundation once she moves into her forever home. If you are interested in Nutty, her foster mom is happy to share information on her personality in a home, and has plenty of videos to share of her playing, accepting pets, and unwinding after a long day of chasing ribbons and toy mice. 

We’re hopeful that there is a special home out there waiting to welcome this inquisitive girl.

She has been spayed, vaccinated- including rabies, dewormed and her adoption fee will include extras from our Community Partners! 

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Wishlist items: XL heavy-duty garbage bags, disposable gloves, enrichment items for the rabbits and small animals in care (toys, hideaways, etc.)  

Thank you for your continued support!