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Meet Poutine!

Poutine came into the shelter as a skittish cat who had little to no human interaction before being in our care. He did not do well at the shelter, barely coming out of hiding and not interacting with staff but staff could tell that there was a loving boy wanting to come around hiding in there. One of our staff members took him into foster care to bring him out of his shell and work with his socializing. Since going to foster care Poutine has made leaps and bounds in his progress!

Although making incredible progress he is still quite shy and skittish, he can be startled easily and when he is startled, he will choose to hide somewhere. Poutine takes a while to warm up to strangers and would do best in a home that has little commotion with one or two adults that can be his special family; when he bonds with someone he bonds very closely.  Poutine loves affection, especially a good cheek and chin rub! When he gets comfortable with people, he even loves tummy rubs. He will often follow his foster mom around the room meowing for attention, as well as tapping and rubbing up on her legs when she doesn’t pay attention to him.

Poutine is very playful, often playing with anything he can get his paws onto. He can get a bit overwhelmed and stressed when humans try to engage in play with him and prefers to play on his own. He loves having a spot where he can lounge in a bed and look out a window.

Poutine enjoys the company of other cats and loves to wrestle and play with them. He is still learning his manners with other cats and can be a bit too rowdy at times. He sometimes struggles with reading other cats’ behaviours and knowing when to leave them alone. Other cats in the home would have to be patient as he continues to develop his kitty social skills. Because of his shy nature, he would thrive in a home that had no children and no dogs.

To give Poutine the best chance in his new home, he must have a separate room with something to hide in or under where he can settle for a bit of time before being introduced to his new home. His foster mom will send him home with his hidey house, as he is very attached to it. Poutine is a cat that is going to take time settling into his new living situation. He is likely to hide for a week or two and his new family will need to be patient with him.

Poutine is still adjusting to being held and having his feet and the rest of his body touched and handled. Sometimes he can get overstimulated when having these areas touched and handled.

He does have a sensitive stomach and will need very slow transitions to new food and should remain on a sensitive stomach diet.

Poutine will remain in foster care until he is adopted where his foster mom will continue to help him develop. If you are interested in Poutine his foster mom is happy to share more information on his personality in a home and has plenty of videos and pictures to share of him!

Wish list: PATE canned cat & kitten food, Martingale collars and slip leashes for dogs, garbage bags of all sizes and enrichment items for all types of animals.