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Meet Quinn!

🎀 Quinn came into the care of HSHPE after being removed from a situation where she lived with many other cats. She was one of the shyer kitties that came to us, and it has taken her quite a while to get comfortable with staff.

🥰 She has not a mean bone in her body, she is a true sweetheart just looking for her special person to help bring her out of her shell. Quinn becomes easily overwhelmed with new situations and loud noises. She will need a room in her new home where she can settle in and get used to the smells and sounds of her new environment. She will hide at first until she gets comfortable, and this could take quite a bit of time. We hope her new family will be understanding that she needs a lot of time to get used to things.

🐈 A quiet home is the best scenario for Quinn. She would do best with adults and older children. Staff thinks she would do well living with another laidback cat with a slow introduction. She is not suitable to live in a home with dogs.

💜 Food is one of the ways to her heart. She loves food and treats and this is a great way to bond with her. A hidey house bed is a must for this girl. She loves her bed and this is where she retreats to when she is overwhelmed. We think she would also enjoy a cat tree where she could lounge and watch the world outside.


🐾 Quinn is not an overly playful cat, but her favourite thing is a laser pointer. She loves the laser pointer and will play all day with one if you let her.

This adorable and sweet girl is waiting for a patient family of her own!

 Wish list: Pate canned cat and kitten wet food, martingale collars, hidey houses for shy cats, lick mats for the dogs and paper towel.