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Meet Randy!

🗣 Randy's a dandy and he's ready for his forever!

😽 Randy hitched a ride from animal control in mid-May and was brought into our care. He was a tom cat, with some cuts and scrapes, most likely from turf wars with other roaming cats in the area. Randy seemed to prefer his own company to ours, and was set up in our outdoor CAT-io. Not all cats are created equal, and because of this, we have a Barn Cat Program in place. This program ensures cats who are not suited for life as companions are spayed/ neutered and can then be adopted by families who live on parcels of land outside city limits.

Once Randy was neutered we noticed a shift in his personality. He became more interested in our staff and volunteers. Although wary, he was very curious, and he began to realize humans weren’t so bad after all. They always have good snacks 🍣 and give really nice chin scratches.

🐾 Randy was sold! He decided he wanted to give us a chance! He was moved inside and he’s been surprising us every day since. He’s an awkward guy, he LOVES being pet and lays on his side sliding around his kennel asking for attention. He loves being pet SO much that he can become overwhelmed and may slap the hand that feeds him.


Once Randy settles in a home and has the opportunity to explore and climb and stalk toy 🐁 mice, we believe he’ll level out. He has a ton of love to share with his new family! Because of his confused personality, he is best suited to an adult-only home (or with children who are 14+) Randy thrives on routine, he knows when it’s mealtime and wants to be best friends with everyone who has snacks to share. He isn’t used to the typical care requirements you’d offer a cat, and strongly protests being restrained for nail trims. He prefers to have 4 on the floor, but as he bonds with his new family, his personality and comfort level will change as it did during his time with us.

💚 We believe Randy would enjoy the company of a feline friend in his new home. A slow and gradual introduction is the way to ensure a lifelong friendship. We recommend starting your newly adopted cat in a room to decompress, before allowing them access to the entire house.

Randy is only 2 years old, and is ready to start the next chapter of his 9 lives, with you as his sidekick!

🤩 He’s been neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, treated for external parasites, microchipped, and has received his yearly rabies vaccine. Our adoption prices have been 💲 discounted in hopes of finding many fantastic felines their forever homes before our BIG move!

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Wishlist items: martingale collars (all sizes), enrichment items for our small animals, XL heavy-duty garbage bags.

🥰 Thank you for your continued support!