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Meet Samwise!

🗣 Put your paws together for Samwise!

🐱 Samwise was picked up as a stray and brought into our care through animal control in late July. We’re so thankful he was picked up, Sam doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and would never make it on his own as a street cat.

🥰 Samwise is a 2-year-old blue tabby, with the softest, most expressive eyes you've ever seen. He is a very meek and timid cat, after 2 months in our care he has come a long way, but is looking for a very specific home. Sam is hoping to find a dedicated owner to call his own. Someone who will continue to build his confidence, love and understand his reserved personality.

💛 He is best suited to an adult only home, a single person living alone or a couple. He wouldn’t do well in a home with children or dogs, too much hustle and bustle for a quiet guy like Sam. He would love to share his space with a calm feline friend. In time, Sam will bond strongly with his adoptive parents, and his love will be the purest and most genuine form of adoration. Sam will appreciate having a quiet space to call his own, a comfy bed and places he can curl up and snooze the day away. He melts into your hand for chin and head scratches. Sam is very nervous of being picked up, he prefers to have four on the floor, but this could change once he settles into his new home, and begins to trust his people.

💙 Sam will need time to adjust to his new home, and we recommend starting him out in a bedroom, having the run of an entire house could be overwhelming for sweet and shy Samwise.

🐾 Sam has been neutered, dewormed, received his rabies and core vaccines. He’s ready to start a beautiful new life with a family who will love and cherish him for the rest of his 9 lives.

Opt to adopt! Open your heart and home to a deserving cat like Sam!