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Meet Sebastian!

Sebastian is a 6-year-old neutered male who was surrendered when he was no longer getting along with the other animals in his home. He came in with an injury to his tail and it needed to be amputated. He has had a hard time dealing with the amputation and still experiences phantom pain due to the extent of the injuries. He is currently on a medication called Gabapentin once daily. This helps him deal with his tail and settles him out.

New situations are hard for Sebastian. He can be very shy until he settles in. Once comfortable in his new environment, Sebastian’s goofy personality comes out! He can be very playful and loves treats.

Sebastian is looking for a low stress home where he can settle in and get used to his new normal without his tail. He will need time in a separate room where he can get used to the new sounds and smells of his home before being allowed loose in the home. He may even hide at first, but be patient and he will be a lovely companion.

The ideal home for this misunderstood boy would be one that is adults or older children only. He must be the only animal in the home as he will not settle and live happily with other animals.

Sebastian seems to have very dirty ears that need to be cleaned fairly often. He does not enjoy this and does receive a double dose of his Gabapentin on those days to help him deal with the ear cleaning.

His new home should keep him on the Gabapentin during his transition. He may need to remain on it permanently, but it is hard to say if this will be necessary once he is settled into his furever home.

Sebastian has been patiently waiting for his second chance at furever for 109 days in the shelter! Please think about opening your heart and home to this sweet boy.

Wish list: Pate canned cat food, unscented non-clumping cat litter, martingale collars for the dogs and enrichment items for the small animals.