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Meet Simon!

Simon says he is ready for his furever home!

Handsome Simon is an almost 2-year-old neutered male who has been in the care of HSHPE for 290 days.

This boy lives for bird watching and curling up for naps. The ideal home for Simon would have a window where he can spend time watching the birds and squirrels. Somewhere cozy for him to nap in the sunshine would be a bonus as well.

Simon is a high-energy cat. He is very playful and loves chasing toys around the room. He can keep himself entertained but enjoys playing with wand toys and laser pointers as well. Simon can get rough when he plays and will sometimes give you a soft bite to let you know he is overstimulated.

Loud noises seem to startle Simon, so he would prefer a quieter home. Staff think Simon would do best in a home with adults only (or teenage children) due to how rough he can play and his startle reflex.

Simon lived with many cats in his previous home. He has gotten along with other male cats he has lived with. Due to his energy level, he can sometimes be too much for certain cats. If there is another feline friend in the home, they would need to be of a similar energy level to Simon. A dog test could be arranged with an approved application. We would recommend that if a dog was in the home that dog was calm, quiet and respectful of cats.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a feline friend to your home, Simon says he deserves a chance to win you over!

Wish list: PATE canned cat and kitten food, enrichment items for small animals, cats and dogs, martingale dog collars or slip leads and heavy-duty garbage bags.