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Meet Snowy!

🤍 Snow White, our beautiful New Zealand Rabbit arrived at HSHPE, as a stray in early October 2021. Within days of arriving she gave birth to 7 dwarfs. All but two of her sweet buns have been adopted, and Snow White, Tianna, and Gloria have been patiently waiting ever since.
🐇  Thanks to our awesome Foster Program, Snowy was able to raise her babies in a home environment. 

🥕 Snowy is a very large, active rabbit who loves to explore, hop, and binky until she’s ready to stretch out and relax. Her foster family describes her as fairly independent but will readily seek out attention when she wants it. She loves to have her head scratched! 

🐰 Because of her large size, Snowy will need a large living space in her forever home (x-pen or custom enclosure) and plenty of time out of her pen to exercise and socialize. Snowy is doing great with her litter training and her litter habits are very consistent. Snowy has been spayed while in our care. Spaying has many benefits for rabbits including reducing territorial and destructive behaviors and preventing reproductive cancers that rabbits are very prone to. Rabbits live longer, happier, healthier lives when spayed/neutered! 


🍀  Please call 613-968-4673 if you are interested in adopting Snowy! Staff will be happy to tell you more about her lovely personality and start the adoption process.

❤️ As always, please do your research on rabbit behavior, health, nutrition, and general care before applying to adopt. Rabbits are a 10+ year commitment. They are amazing companions but are not low-maintenance or starter pets.

😍 Wishlist: timothy hay, martingale collars and canned kitten pate. 

❣ Thank you for your continued support!