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Meet Sparks!

🤩 Please put your paws together and welcome Sparks to the stage!

💚 Sparks arrived in our care last May. He was a very shy cat, and we could tell by his personality that he hadn’t spent a lot of time with people. Our staff spent weeks gaining Sparks' trust, and by keeping our routines consistent, it helped him to feel at ease. He knew when to expect us, and the tasty treats we’d have to offer.

Turning a once feral cat into a feline friend takes time and patience. ⭐️ You would never guess the shy cat that arrived in May would learn to love humans but he has!

Sparks is ready to launch 🚀! His new forever family will ideally have another feline in the home. Sparks has taken on the role of a Father figure in our loose cat room and is always grooming and looking after his younger roommates.

🐱 Sparks is almost 2 years old. He is playful, he is sweet and he is curious. It will take some time for Sparks to feel comfortable in his new home, but I promise you he is worth the effort. Cats that were once reserved and wary, bond very strongly with their people and make exceptional companions. Sparks is looking for a home free of dogs, and young kiddos. He can become startled with loud, sudden noises but with each day that passes, he becomes braver and more comfortable in his surroundings.

🐟 Sparks has been neutered and can begin his new life the very same day his forever family falls head over heels. He has been vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated, and once adopted will be microchipped. Sparks will go home with some coupons from Royal Canin, as well as our Community Partners!

😻 Please open your heart and home to a deserving kitty in need!

Wishlist items: Heavy-duty garbage bags, non-clumping cat litter, I/D, and Gastro kibble for our feline guests experiencing tummy troubles.

🐾 Thank you for your support!