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Meet Twix & Nibbs!

🗣 Bouncing buns seek forever families!

🐰 Twix and Nibbs were surrendered for adoption last Summer. They are 4 years young- rabbits can live 8-10 years. Since coming into our care, both of the girls have been spayed. This has eliminated the possibility of ovarian/ uterine cancers. Rabbits are considered an exotic species, they have special care requirements, all of which will contribute to a long and healthy life! Twix and Nibbs recently spent time in a foster home, so we could learn more about their personalities. They lucked out and were placed with a very experienced foster mom! They were provided an environment in which they would thrive, and we have learned so much about them!

🐇 “Twix the harlequin is all-loving, adventure, and mischief. She was the first out of the carrier and has ventured the furthest thus far. She has groomed all members of the household and is happy to be patted; top of the head and the upper portion of her back are preferred. If you come into her space she seeks your attention. She is also a stomping drama queen.” Twix is still working on her litter box habits, and now that she’s been spayed, this will aid in her success. 🌷



💜 “Nibbs is reserved, more cautious, and curious from a distance. Nibbs is food-focused and the more laid-back of the pair. She does adventure and has come out to boop visitors. She is still in a reserved state, in spite of not yet wanting our attention she is very polite about it.” Nibbs is a busy girl! She likes to do bunstruction work; she digs and shreds cardboard. Nibbs is more timid than Twix, but she is very tolerant of being picked up and pet.

🌸 Joyful Improvements noted while in foster:

“Zoomies. Full speed across the room and up the stairs Zoomies - on repeat. Binkies, every day by both bunnies. I spent the morning standing at my desk and I had two rabbits standing at/on my feet, stretching upright with their paws on my calves seeking attention.”

💛 Twix and Nibbs are being placed for adoption to separate homes, or a home that is equipped to allow each rabbit their own space while unsupervised. Sometimes rabbits can become un-bonded and many factors can contribute to this. We are hopeful Twix and Nibbs will each find their own families, where they can be the center of attention in their new homes!

🌼 Please remember, rabbits are not novelty gifts, for Easter. They’re sentient beings who bond strongly with their people.

❤ These sweet girls are ready to settle down with their forever families!

Wishlist items: Small covered litter boxes, canned pate cat food, x large heavy duty garbage bags. 


Thank you for your support!