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Meet Zion!

🗣 Zion was brought into our care in early June. She was a little kitten found roaming alone and was picked up and brought to us by a well meaning member of the public. Zion had some injuries and was taken to a vet partner for an examination. She was treated for minor injuries and monitored closely in a foster home while she recovered from her ordeal.

💜 Zion has no shortage of personality and pizazz! She’s a wild girl with LOTS of energy! She is sure to keep you entertained with her antics. Zion may be little, but she is mighty. She knows exactly what she wants in life! She likes to keep all four paws firmly on the ground and does not tolerate being picked up.

🤩 Zion would do best in a home where she can just run and play all day long. She likes to be pet, but it must be on her terms. Due to her energy and how rough she can be, she does best with adult cats that are passive and will just run away when they have had enough. She should have an adult feline friend in her new home to continue to teach her feline manners. One way to Zions heart is with food, she always loves a snack! Zion is not suited to a home with young children (12+).



😽 Due to the injuries Zion sustained before her arrival, she is prone to partial prolapse of her rectum. She has not had any issues since being put on a gastrointestinal diet. She must remain on this diet to keep her stools consistent and help prevent any future issues.

Zion has been spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, all she is missing is a family to call her own!

🐾 Opt to adopt! Open your heart to a homeless animal in need!

Wish list items: canned pate cat/ kitten food, martingale collars and slip leads for the pups, hidey houses for the small animals in care.

❤ Thank you for your continued support!