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✨ This week our spotlight is on Peanut! Our paws and claws are crossed for this lovely girl! 🤞

Peanut 🥜 arrived in late June, she was surrendered due to the declining health of her owner. She was loved in her previous home, and the decision to surrender Peanut was not made lightly. For many surrendered animals, the adjustment from a home to a shelter environment can be challenging and this has been the case for our dear Peanut.

She completely shut down, she lost her appetite, she no longer wanted to be touched. She was not doing well here, and thankfully we knew just who to turn to.

💜 One of our dedicated foster moms opened her heart and home to Peanut. The time and effort she spent on making Peanut comfortable was above and beyond our expectations. She wanted to create a way for Peanut to see the happenings of the home, but from a space where she left safe, and not overwhelmed. She and her husband fashioned a door made of Plexiglas so Peanut could see what the family was up to but from the comfort of her domain. Her foster mom took the slow approach when it came to winning Peanuts' trust and affection. Slow and positive interactions were the key to her success. Initially, Peanut was very untrusting of everyone she met.

🐾 Her foster mom could only pet Peanut with a gloved hand, but with time, patience, and lots of treats, Peanut began associating an approaching hand, with a reward. This was a HUGE step in Peanuts' progress. Soon the gloves would come off, and Peanut would begin to show affection to her caregiver. Peanut has spent a total of 66 days in foster care, and her foster mom has some big news to share!

🎀 “I’m really happy to say that I think you can start your search for Peanut’s forever family!! I imagine that it may take some time to find the perfect family who will accept her for her unique personality but I do think we’re on the home stretch. She has changed dramatically since my last update. She now curls up beside me on the sofa purring and chatting, and loves to roll onto her back while we hang out. She’s even started to give kisses!! As I’ve mentioned before she loves to be loved and has tons of love to give, but she wants to be in control of the physical side of love for now. I think once she settles into her new home she will come around if her family is patient and respectful of her needs.

Peanut is now accepting of the men in our household and will eagerly greet them, rub up against them (we call them hugs) and tell a story. She still doesn’t accept the dog haha.”

💕 It’s Peanuts' time to shine! She has come so far in her rehabilitation; Peanut is ready for her happy ending! We’re hoping Peanuts’ transition to her new home is seamless, and are asking she be adopted to a home with no dogs and no children under the age of 12. Peanut may consider a laid back, feline friend in her new home, but ideally would prefer to be the center of her new family’s world 🌍 and the only animal in the home.

🐈 Peanut has been spayed, she is up to date on vaccines, she will be microchipped, and her new family will receive 4 weeks’ free trial pet insurance, as well as many extras from our Community Partners!

Please consider Peanut 🥜 as your new best friend! Let’s find this deserving girl a home for the holidays! 🎄

Wishlist Items: Gloves (latex and nitrile) Canned Pate Cat Food, towels, sheets and blankets (no zippers or elastics please!)


Thank you for your support!