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Prepared for a Pet?

Many animal adoption centers and Humane Societies across Ontario, have temporarily suspended their adoption program, until the Provincial wide- stay at home order is lifted. Over the past year and a half, we’ve experienced many unfamiliar situations, circumstance and emotion. Loneliness is at the forefront for many people.

Having a wagging tail thump against the couch when you enter the room, or a cat weave between your legs in the morning as you make your way to the feeding station, often helps us to feel less alone. Sharing our lives with pets is proven to release oxytocin and feel good chemicals in our brains. Having a furry companion animal to snuggle in the wee hours of the night provides comfort, and having to care for these animals provides us a sense of purpose. Whether sharing your life with an animal is a new adventure, or if you’ve always had animals in your life, we must remember when we welcome an animal into our heart and home, we are making a commitment. This commitment could last 10-15 years, or more.

There have been days where I’m feeling tired, or blah, or the weathers too cold, or wet, and I’m not entertaining the idea of spending time outdoors. And then I look over and see these big brown eyes staring up at me, and even though I know I don’t want to head outside for a stroll, I also know that my pup depends on me to provide enrichment in her life. So we suit up for a walk, once outside and moving I can almost instantly feel the positive change in my mood.

Dogs have been given the most honorable title of, Man’s Best Friend. Before we commit to a best friend, we should first consider all aspects of pet ownership. Daily walks (even when you’re not feeling it) training/ acclimating our dog to our lifestyle, veterinary care, enrichment, socialization, mental stimulation, and a healthy diet, all play an important role in your dogs’ overall health and wellness. Remember, if you plan to travel post pandemic and cannot take your pup along, you must plan ahead, and make sure you have family or friends that will dog sit during your absence. If you choose to board your dog at a kennel facility- they’ll require up to date vaccination records.

Cats on the other hand, are usually content being left home alone for a couple of days. They’ll need plenty of food, water, and be sure to survey your home so that it’s free of hazards. Some examples would include: drawstrings on the blinds, and food that is not properly stored. Many of us share our homes with plants that are poisonous to our feline friends- ensure these are out of reach. If you’re going to be away for a few days, it’s always beneficial to have a friend come over and check on your cat. This will provide your cat with some company and chin scratches, and you with peace of mind while away from home.

Small animals, reptiles and avian species all have unique care requirements. Educate yourself before you commit, this will ensure you’re selecting the right animal for your lifestyle!

Should you have questions surrounding responsible pet ownership, the helpful staff at the Quinte Humane Society are ready to provide a wealth of information and resources.  (613) 968-4673