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This week our featured pet is Relish! He has been with us since May 30 2021. The reason for his prolonged stay is the condition in which he arrived. Relish was badly injured, we believe he had been attacked by an animal. He had some puncture wounds on his small fragile body and it appeared as though he had a broken front leg. He was taken to a veterinary partner for an exam, and was scheduled for a front leg amputation the following day. Animals are very resilient and Relish is no exception. You’d think he was born with only 3 legs. He gets around like a champ, can jump on and off of perches and is as playful as a wee kitten. Relish has been crashing at our executive director’s home for the past few weeks and his sweet natured personality has really begun to shine. Relish is a snuggle bug, he loves his human caretakers, enjoys taking shoulder rides, and will curl up around your neck like a warm scarf. Relish loves other feline friends and hopes to have at least one in his forever home. Dogs gross him out so he meows a big NO thank you to the idea of any dogs in his life. We have noticed he thrives on a sensitive digestion kibble, and recommend he remains on this food to ensure he doesn’t have tummy troubles. This sweet tripod is ready to find his forever home! Relish has been neutered, vaccinated, and treated for internal and external parasites. He has had a rough start but we’re sure there is someone out there who will ensure his remaining 9 lives are nothing short of puurrfect.  

Consider Relish as your forever friend!

Wish list: grain free wet cat food, KMR- Kitten Milk Replacer for the orphaned kittens we continue to receive, timothy hay for our rabbit friends, industrial mop heads and XL collapsible dog crates.

Thank you for your support!