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✨ This week we feature... T-Rex 🦖

T-Rex was surrendered into our care due to a lifestyle change in his previous home. He’s a unique resident and differs greatly from the guests we typically see.

💙 Our devoted kennel attendants are well versed in the care of all species, and T-Rex has settled in very well- thanks to his caregivers. Chinchillas are sweet and curious little mammals. T-Rex is considered an exotic pet and has some special requirements to ensure he is healthy and happy! Chinchillas can live up to 10 years, we estimate this sweet guy to be approx 2 years of age.

👩‍🏫 Here are a few facts for you!

📌 Chinchillas are most active during the hours of dawn and dusk.

📌They should have access to a dust bath every few days. This helps to reduce the oil and moisture in their coats, and is especially cute to watch! 😍

📌 Their diet consists of pellets, hay, and grass, and can include many veggies, and some fruit!



• Carrot 🥕

• Kale

• Alfalfa

• Celery 🥬

• Sweet potatoes 🍠

• Squash

Chinchillas should be kept in an enclosure with several levels, enrichment items, and hideaways. 🦖 T-Rex is used to being handled and enjoys the comfort and safety of a warm fleece lined sweater.

He comes with all AM and 📻 FM radio stations (thanks to those ears!)

T Rex is ready to find his forever home! Please give us a call to learn more about him, or to apply to adopt!


Wishlist Items: Cat Toys, Canned Cat Food, Slow Feeders for our Canine Guests! 

Thank you for your ongoing support!